Raggedy Ann with Buster looking on!

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Raggedy Ann bookend I made in a ceramics class many, many years ago.  Yes, I still have Andy too!  I gifted the set to my grandmother and when she died, they were given back to me.  They are now in my handmade treasures collection.   It's the naive simplicity from all those years ago that I continue to love about the set.  You see, I thought I was an artist!  Now, in picture, Miss Ann is holding up another little treasure - The Herman and Little Leon Stories - by a Louisiana author, Anne Butler Hamilton.  The image is softened and smudged with Kim Klassen's 'golden' texture....Hey....it's Texture Tuesday at Kim's Cafe.


  1. I love her, Marty. She IS art!!

  2. Thought you were an artist???
    My dear Marty, you are an artist!!
    Take a look at that gorgeous Asterisk Quilt, and BELIEVE!!!
    This bookend is a real treasure!