Day 6 of The Twelve Days of Texture

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My reasoning went something like this:  I needed to print a receipe on how to roast pecans.  I needed to participate in Kim Klassen's Day 6 of The Twelve Days of Texture using her more magic texture.

I found a picture I had taken last week at a local pecan orchard of bags filled with 100 pounds of  just-picked pecans. So I simply layered Kim's texture over my picture, used the screen blend mode, adjusted opacity, layered with solid white color and adjusted opacity again to my liking....typed the recipe and printed my card then posted to Kim's linky!



  1. Clever idea adding a recipe to your texturized photo. Thanks so much!

  2. How clever to add the recipe to the photo and texture. This is why I love visiting other blogs, always something unique to find :)


  3. I love roasted nuts.
    Pity the heat destroys all the nutrients.