Haiku Poetry No. 7

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"Breathe deeply fresh air
inside smoke filled room she stood

store front window ~ Savannah
with dew on her feet."
                          Marty Mason


Haiku Poetry No. 6

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Rain falls in the dark
Watering the dry, parched earth
coneflowerCoffee cup is full


Haiku Poetry No. 5

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             Wild flowers blooming
             Being trampled by bison
             Once virgins,  no more



Be Still

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Haiku Poetry -  by Marty Mason

Haiku Poetry No. 4

"A peaceful feeling
  flowers blowing in the wind
the road less traveled."


Here's looking at you: Spring

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Robin:  A Bird

Robin:    Where's the snowman?
Batgirl:   Maybe he melted.
Batman:  No, he's just hibernating:


Simply Bows

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I pulled this ribbon off some fabric I bought the other day and threw these bows on a shelf.....and they kept eyeing me and I kept eyeing them.  This morning I couldn't help myself and grabbed the camera, downloaded and that's where I've been - playing in photoshop. 
Bows with Rad Lab Old Skool

Bows with Rad Lab Gritty

Bows Collage