Adapted Texture from Shadowhouse Creations

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Power...full... resource

Just a hint of how powerful photoshop can be.  Here is the original photo....

and how the altered photo came about......I first took out the twiggy little branch left in photo - too distracting - converted to black and white - added back in just a twinge of color -  added a Jerry Jones Shadowhouse Creations texture - Oil Painting 1 and followed his instructions (almost).   My photo was not as scenic as his, so I had to make adjustments.  First, I did the darken blend at 51% - moved the background layer copy on top of this layer - did a multiply blend at 100%.  Duplicated twice - and there you have it! Oh, the power of photoshop (and the powerful resources who share their textures)!  Thanks, Jerry.

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  1. Photoshop is truly amazing to say the least, as is Jerry Jones! Wonderful work on this!