Leaves of Gold.....

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It was a very nice leaf.....but, this picture needed help.  I always duplicate my original  - Ctrl J - then I can go to work without fear of loosing it.  If you don't already know Kim Klassen, then make that a priority this year.  She has the most amazing textures.  I first added her latest free texture - January 7 paper, then in Elements + double clicked on reveal all and with large round brush, very softly took out some of the texture to expose the leaf's brilliant color.  Another amazing photographer, Charlene McCoy, made the wood texture available and it seemed perfect layered atop this leaf.  I applied the pen light blend at 100%, then luminosity at 40%, multiply 100%, duplicate this layer, then color burn blend at 75%.  Played with bright/contrast a bit.  And, there you have it! 

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