There is ALWAYS a choice:

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Always a choice.   But, one must first want other choices....one must then explore the possibilities.... mentally and physically search for those alternative choices. 

For example, my cone flowers in the garden were dieing on the vine, oh, my!  And I didn't want them to cease to live,  to slowly fade away day by day.   Oh, they'll eventually go to seed as many things must, but I wanted to delay the process as long as possible, so I snipped this bouquet from the vine and brought it inside to fresh water in a vase. 

And, while I love this original picture of my bouquet,  it seemed a little cluttered, so knowing I have choices, I chose to do something about the noisy background clutter. 

With my clone stamp, I removed the seam in the wall paneling, then erased the gray counter top.  With my opacity reduced, I re-cloned some of the shadows away from the bouquet. 

Making things lighter and brighter is most often a great choice.

Getting right to the black and white of the issue is always a great choice.  De-saturating the issue, then adding saturation back in is often a fun choice too. 

Now, after exploring and experimenting with a few choices, one can narrow down the perspective to make the final choice.  It may be the right choice, or it may be the wrong choice, but at least there's the recognition that there is a choice! 

I'm all about choosing today!

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  1. I am all about choosing, well watering or blogging, breakfast or clean the house, lol.

    No just kidding.

    I love the cone flowers also....have some pink, and now some yellow.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams