Haiku Poetry # 2

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Please don't feed the dog
Biscuits non tolerate
Thank you dog and me
Now, as a Haiku Poetry writer novice, my question is this.....must Haiku Poetry have sophistication?  Must it imply that the writer is one who is filled with deep, meaningful thoughts?  Or, rather, can the Haiku Poetry writer take a picture and interpret it's meaning whatever the seriousness or frivolity the writer's mood? 

This sign is one hung by the dog's owner, Victor, on the fence around an Italian compound on a hillside overlooking Lake Orta.    Victor is a thoughtful master and while not wanting to offend well-meaning animal lovers, is asking that his dog not be fed any food stuffs.....You see, the canine is intolerant of ordinary bread and pastry products and is on a glutin-free diet.   Thank you dog and me!


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