December 8

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When  I woke up this morning,  and you were on my mind ~

The recipe:  First, make a watercolor texture.  How I did that in PSE 7:  open new blank file, select transparent background.  Select a foreground color (I chose violet), then select a brush (I chose a soft round brush), enlarge the brush and brushed my color onto the middle of the transparency.  Next, I chose a softer pink, found a splatter brush and brushed over the first layer.  Continued adding color and changing brushes,  softening the opacity as I went along until I was satisfied with my watercolor layer mask. 

Now, bring in the picture and layer the watercolor texture over, adjust blend modes and opacity.  Next I went to the filter gallery and selected render - clouds.  

The original:  As you can see, I cloned in more trees to fill in some gaps: 


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